Ethan Miller

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The Virtual State of Jefferson

Virtual State of Jefferson router

The State of Jefferson is a proposed 51st state that would be carved out of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Many residents of this region feel alienated from the rest of their state and see the movement either as a tongue-in-cheek protest or a serious libertarian movement towards self-determination. The ... _ more

Urban Observatory Visualization

Urban Observatory

From the original proposal: The Urban Observatory project is an exploration of the unstable relationships between physical environments and mediated environments. A secure sense of place and direction develops around tools we use for navigating through spaces: maps, guidebooks, photo reference, GPS, etc. At the same time, those very tools ... _ more

Netbody V2

Netbody V2 Still

"Privacy does not exist: whenever a line is drawn around a person, a statement, an art object, something alien falls within that border and something valuable falls out of it." - subREAL, Politics of Cultural Heritage Netbody approaches networked culture, and the question of identity within that context through data collection ... _ more

Netbody Research Visualization

Redlinks 1 : Netbody research

In preparation for the next stage of my Netbody project I have been working on code for studying data associated with collaborative network activities. I chose Wikipedia, not necessarily as an ideal, but active and important site of mass participation. As Netbody evolves, I've become interested not just in ... _ more


Surface video projection

Surface is an exploration of surface and location mediated through both video imagery and audio feedback. It consists of a series of macro photos of urban surfaces in downtown San Jose. The location of each surface is cataloged with latitude and longitude data (the mapped images are visible on this ... _ more

Netbody V1

Netbody still

The 'attention economy' is a term used to describe the current business environment where consumers are constantly surrounded by information. In this context, the scarcity of attention becomes the most important economic factor. This economic characterization of 'attention' becomes interesting when you consider that online businesses have been busy storing ... _ more

Narrative Units

Narrative Units still frame

The Narrative Units project addresses a number of questions by interconnecting several systems of interest. Information Theory, which strictly concerns itself with the encoding and transmission of data, is displaced into the context of a literary narrative. This framing serves to evoke question surrounding the dispersion of Information Theory and ... _ more

On Translation : Social Networks

OTSN Convention Center View

As part of ISEA 2006 / ZeroOne San Jose I coordinated an artists residency through Montalvo Arts Center, and CADRE with Antoni Muntadas. This is the ZeroOne page for the project. On Translation: Social Networks is an examination of the complex networks of economic, cultural, technological and military systems operating throughout ... _ more

Blind Contour

Blind Contour Hand

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is now a classic text for art schools teaching beginning drawing. Here is a quote on the theory the book is based on: Two Ways of Knowing Betty Edwards has used the terms L-Mode and R-Mode to designate two ways of knowing ... _ more


avatar wearing symboler

The Symboler was part of "The Real" - A show at Ars Virtua located within the virtual online world Second Life. Given the endless possibilities that a virtual space makes possible - it's interesting to consider why there are so many conventions carried over from meatspace. Why are we operating within ... _ more


Lapytha text and visualization

Lapytha is an environment for open ended interactions among characters and objects. Initially nothing exists in the environment. Users begin by creating actors, then specifying actions the actors should take. As the game progresses, more actors and objects are available for players to interact with. Users will be able to ... _ more

Structurally Open

Structurally Open still

Structurally Open uses live video to present the viewer with a tentatively organized image of themselves. The image, composed of discreet colored areas, will fall apart when movement is detected. Stillness and patience are rewarded with an increasingly resolved image. The piece functions as an alternate form of software interaction ... _ more


Carne still

CARNE presents real-time network traffic within a three dimensional space that can be navigated by the user. It visualizes the transient relationships between the currents of data that a networked computer is immersed in. Each unique IP address is assigned a point, and a unique trajectory. The more active a ... _ more