Ethan Miller

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Netbody Research Visualization

December, 2007

In preparation for the next stage of my Netbody project I have been working on code for studying data associated with collaborative network activities. I chose Wikipedia, not necessarily as an ideal, but active and important site of mass participation.

As Netbody evolves, I've become interested not just in the visible traces of participatory culture, but on the gaps that form within the networks of participatory culture. I think those places offer insight for where we're headed, and what is missing from the dialog. Wikipedia offers data in relation to this question in the form of red links. When an internal link is created on Wikipedia to a page that doesn't yet exist - it's rendered in red.

In order to execute the visualizations attached, I downloaded the 'page' and 'pagelinks' tables from the wikipedia data base dumps and wrote some python/mysql-python/PIL code to create the visualization. The image shows one row of pages that exist in Wikipedia in the middle. The gray lines below that indicate links between existing pages. The red lines above show links to pages that don't exist, and at the very top the names of those links.


  • Redlinks 1 : Netbody research
  • Redlinks 2 : Netbody research