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AlertSite to PagerDuty

2 years, 3 months ago

From the "had an itch" desk: A simple tool to translate between to APIs. For users of both AlertSite and PagerDuty there's no ideal integration alternative. AlertSite will notify with an HTTP POST, and PagerDuty's API will accept POST data, but the formats are incompatible. This is a ... _ more

Cronline (Cron visualization)

3 years, 1 month ago

Cronline screenshot

I recently hacked up a project I'm calling 'Cronline' and I'm hoping to get some feedback on further development. Motivation We run a large number of crontab scripts on different systems, under different user accounts. We see the mail that results from most jobs, and get reports when ... _ more

Test Server Puzzle

3 years, 7 months ago

Test Server Console

I recently had the opportunity to rebuild our test server system for QA testing at work, and I found a few solutions that I thought worth sharing. The finished system centers around a custom console for reserving test servers, launching repository checkouts and/or database reloads, and viewing a short ... _ more

Virtual State of Jefferson Tech

4 years, 4 months ago

My collaboration with Ethan Ham, Virtual State of Jefferson will be going up in Ashland at the Schneider Museum of Art next month. I wanted to describe a little about the tech work involved because I had fun, and it might be useful to others. The piece is a router ... _ more

jQuery Simple Multi-Select

5 years ago

v 1.1.2 Jun 06 2012 This plugin replaces a standard multi-select with a simplified version that doesn't require ctrl+click to select multiple options. Each click simply toggles the given option on or off. The original multi-select is hidden, and a replacement is built. The original multi-select ... _ more

Appengine and handle_entity

5 years, 3 months ago

Just spent a frustrating evening with Google AppEngine - and I want to document the problem I had in case it helps others. I wanted to upload data to AppEngine from a CSV file - however the values in said file needed some adjustments (they don't directly correspond to the fields ... _ more

Art Projects

The Virtual State of Jefferson

The State of Jefferson is a proposed 51st state that would be carved out of Southern Oregon and Northern California ... _ more

Urban Observatory Visualization

From the original proposal: The Urban Observatory project is an exploration of the unstable relationships between physical environments and mediated ... _ more

Netbody V2

"Privacy does not exist: whenever a line is drawn around a person, a statement, an art object, something alien falls ... _ more

Netbody Research Visualization

In preparation for the next stage of my Netbody project I have been working on code for studying data associated ... _ more


Surface is an exploration of surface and location mediated through both video imagery and audio feedback. It consists of a ... _ more