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AlertSite to PagerDuty

May 28 2012, 4:58PM

From the "had an itch" desk: A simple tool to translate between to APIs.

For users of both AlertSite and PagerDuty there's no ideal integration alternative. AlertSite will notify with an HTTP POST, and PagerDuty's API will accept POST data, but the formats are incompatible.

This is a simple tool to translate between the AlertSite status alerts, and the PagerDuty trigger/resolve Generic API. All it needs is your Service API Key from PagerDuty. It will accept POST alerts from AlertSite and forward them along ...

It's certainly not as abstract as such a tool could be - but it was quick to implement, and works fine. I have no idea how many others would find this useful, but I can't be the only one. Anyone with a google account can set up their own bridge.

Tags : apis operations

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