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ELO 08: workshops

May 30 2008, 1:43AM

Mark Amerika presented the opening workshop "Remix Writing and Postproduction Art" this morning. He began with this Vito Acconci quote about interdisciplinary practices. Later in the morning this led into an interesting question about using the term 'literature' for practices that are mostly audio/visual. No one seemed inclined to enforce a conservative notion of 'literature.'

Mark Amerika did say at one point that he was working on an assumption that writing (I understand this to mean narrative/fiction or poetry writing) was a core practice for this audience. There was also a lot of discussion around teaching remix writing.

Another interesting question that came up is if remix as a practice has to be satirical, or a kind of activist critique. Another conference participant made the point that at the moment copyright questions loom large, and force the remixer into a counter-culture position.

A few links for topics/publications/individuals discussed:

The second session I attended was "Live Audio and Visuals" with Stefan Müller Arisona who works on a project called Soundium for live video mixing, and Steve Gibson.

Steve took us through Ableton Live, software for mixing loop based audio.And Stefan took us through a more general presentation about performing audio and video. A lot of good information about hardware/software and practical considerations to be aware of.

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