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SxSW Visualization

Jun 15 2005, 12:00PM

Java applet here...

Each square represents a transcript from the SXSW conference. The brightness of the lines connecting boxes indicates the number of words shared ("noise words" are filtered out). The distance to the center of the visualization indicated the total number of connections the text shares. The closer to the center, the more words the text shares with other texts.

By default, all connections are displayed. Hovering on a box shows only the connections for that text, and the name of the text at the top of the screen. Clicking on a box selects it, so that you can hover over a second box.

When hovering over a box while another box is selected, the connections for both texts will be shown, along with the titles, and the words they have in common at the top of the screen. Click on an empty area of the visualization to reset it.

More details here, built with Processing.

Tags : dataviz experiments processing sxsw

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